about-md_new “Providing High Value Added Business with focus on customer centricity”

With the advent of technological advances like mobile, cloud and big data, it has changed the way people connect and consume information. Information is getting digitised and pervasive digitisation will bring convenience and connectivity to the people.

Going forward, to achieve sustainable growth, we need to have an ardent focus on customer centricity and transform the business to being more solutions and service-centric so that customers see value in our offerings. We need to transform our business engagement model so as to differentiate ourselves against competition.

Our vision of growth is aligned to TRANSFORM 2016, to develop comprehensive suite of offerings from devices to solutions from the customer’s perspective.  By understanding customer’s digital workflow, in the office to production environment, allowing ease of integration into their digital workflow to achieve optimisation and productivity.  In these areas, we will offer scalable, modular offerings to serve the diverse needs of their business bringing unparalled advances in security, print quality and network integration, backed by impeccable service and support team.

We have also incorporated Konica Minolta Philosophy as our guiding principles; the basis of our actions and to build a resilient company.

In line with our core message “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Konica Minolta endeavours to respond to its customers’ needs across the world with relentless creativity, innovation and advance technology.

As always, we highly appreciate your continued support.

Managing Director
Tadayuki Funakura