Thank you for visiting Konica Minolta Digital Image Square, please provide us with your feedback of your experience with the demo session that you just had. Your feedback will be helpful to us. 

Company Name:
Guest Name :
Designation :
Sales Person :
Demo Date :
Model Number :
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Phone :
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Time :
Software :
1) Demonstration Rate 1 to 5 : DisagreeAgree
He/she who did the demo is knowledgeable and can answer all my enquiries 12345
He/she knows what I need and made good suggestion of the configuration required 12345
He/she spend enough time required for the demo and explanation is clear. 12345
Brochures, specifications, printouts and pricing are provided at the end of the demo 12345
The model used during the demo is the same model in the sales proposal. 12345
Optional software solutions are being proposed. 12345
2) Product
The product features meet my requirement. 12345
The product design and colour meet my requirement 12345
The print quality meet my requirement 12345
The proposed price meet my requirement 12345
The product size & weight meet my requirement 12345
The product that was proposed to me is better than other brands that I have seen. 12345
The product proposed is better than my current model 12345
The Facility
The location for the showroom is good and convenient 12345
The showroom is well equipped with necessary items required for the demo. 12345
The section where the machine is located is bright and spacious. 12345
The showroom is neat & tidy. 12345
3) General Satisfaction
I was generally very satisfied with all aspects of this demo session 12345
I have plans to keep in contact with Konica Minolta’s sales representative. 12345
I have plans to visit another brand/vendor before making decision. 12345
The demo was well planned and organised. 12345
I will consider purchasing Konica Minolta products 12345
4) Please let us know any thoughts about the demo and other comments you might have on how we could improve future demo.