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Case 1 - Manufacturing company

Optimising Device Layout to Reduce Variable Costs

The Scenario

The customer is a manufacturing company with a mid-size office.
Its device layout featured colour MFPs, B&W MFPs and colour printers.
There were large differences in the frequency and manner that each machine was used.

Movie Start

Manufacturing company
Before After
  • Inefficient print network, low output productivity
  • Improved productivity by streamlining device layout and replacing select machines with bizhubs
  • Over-budget departments
  • Used Account ManagerNew Window to allocate expenses to individual departments and give administrator a per-device overview of output costs
  • High variable costs, poor employee cost-consciousness
  • Linked Authentication ManagerNew Window with Account Manager to set usage restrictions and limit output per user/group
  • High maintenance and service costs

PSES Features Used

Account Manager Learn MoreNew Window

  • Accounting function can compile and graph data by various categories for each device, according to need
  • Analysis function offers a wide array of data and statistics that can be used for variable cost management
  • Administrators can set usage limits for users and groups

Authentication Manager Learn MoreNew Window

  • Manages authentication data for users and multiple MFPs
  • Allows assignment of function restrictions to each user

Net Care Device Manager Learn MoreNew Window

  • Offers central management of individual devices from administrator’s PC
  • Displays device status detail

Net Care Device Manager

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