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Advantages of Digital Printing With AccurioPress C4080

Advantages of Digital Printing with AccurioPress C4080 With the rapid advancement of technology and the constant improvement of digital print processes, digital printing has come a long way. Introducing the AccurioPress C4080 series, also known as the changemaker series, the all-in-one print manufacturing powerhouse that provides businesses with maximum productivity and the ability to streamline

Discover Agility that Creates Opportunity

Introducing the AccurioPress C7100 Series As the demand for production printing shifts towards the future, print shops are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to grow their businesses. Most grow their business by scaling up with more production presses. Here at Konica Minolta, we believe a quality production press creates profitable business opportunities through

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Reducing the Complexity of Logistics with Smart Monitoring

Reducing the Complexity of Logistics with Smart Monitoring Logistics and supply chain management form the backbone of how we transport goods, communicate, and connect with the world around us. Yet anyone involved in the business is familiar with common challenges that can cause a trickle down effect leading to global delays and severe repercussions for

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The Future of Work: Top Remote Working Trends For 2022

The Future of Work: Top Remote Working Trends For 2022 The world of work was forever changed after the global pandemic hit. Organisations and across the globe turned to work-from-home arrangements as viable alternatives to continue operating and keep employees safe. But even as countries begin to ease restrictions and businesses gradually reopen offices, it

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Reimagine Christmas Embellishments with MGI JETvarnish

Reimagine Christmas Embellishments with MGI JETvarnish Good gift packaging is highly important when it comes to attracting more customers to purchase your products, especially during festive seasons such as Christmas. With occasions like Christmas accounting for a large portion of sales revenue in a year, it is no surprise brands launch limited edition Christmas versions

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Revitalise Digital Printing with the MGI JETvarnish 3DS

Revitalise Digital Printing with the MGI JETvarnish 3DS Traditional commercial printing companies have been facing competition from e-commerce platforms for quite some time. With more consumers now seeking out personalised and design-focused printing capabilities, printing companies must seek to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd while meeting the changing needs and profiles of

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Reimagine Holiday Greeting Cards with Print Embellishments

Elevate Holiday Greeting Cards with Value-Adding Print Embellishments There is no doubt that times are challenging for the global greeting cards industry, especially with the dominance of digital communication over traditional paper means. However, many people — younger audiences, in particular — are seeking alternative methods of connecting with loved ones and sending holiday wishes

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Seeing the Invisible with Thermal Imaging Technology

Seeing the Invisible with Thermal Imaging Technology The COVID-19 pandemic has completely reshaped the way the world works – but it is far from being the last global pandemic we may face in our lifetime. Scientists have already predicted a 47-57% chance of a future pandemic threat occurring in the next 25 years, meaning another

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Improve Efficiency with Autonomous Mobile Robots

Rethink Business Processes and Automation With Robotics With the rapid development of technology in the past decade, technology has changed the way many workplaces operate. Through digital transformation, we have seen an increase in the digitalization and automation of numerous business processes in industrial applications and the undisputable involvement of technology in our daily work.

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Automating your Supply Chain with Autonomous Material Handling

Enhancing Supply Chain Management with Autonomous Material Handling (AMH) The autonomous mobile robot, or AMR market is booming. With an increasing demand for automation in the supply chain ecosystem, coupled with the accelerated growth in e-commerce, it is no wonder that the global autonomous mobile robot market size is set to hit USD 8.70 billion

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bizhub i-Series – The MFP for business of all sizes

Selecting the right type of office printer is vital for optimising productivity. Find out how the bizhub i-Series printers can support your business growth.

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Driving Digital Printing Innovation With AccurioJet KM-1e Inkjet Printer

In a highly connected business environment, the fluctuation of demand and supply spikes will invariably spill over to other functions and industries.

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Rethink Your Print Shop Workflow with AccurioPro Flux

In an increasingly digital world propelled by technological advancement, print landscapes have changed dramatically. As a result, digital printing companies can no longer rely solely on a solid hardware infrastructure to compete in today’s modern economy.

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