Business Solutions in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Leverage digital content management services like the KOMI Doc Cloud platform to improve business solutions in a post-pandemic workplace.

The Wave of Digitalization: Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 technologies are reshaping manufacturing. Learn how the digitalisation of your manufacturing processes can optimise your business operations.

Top Trends in Digital Label Printing in 2021

Brand management, customer-focused solutions and premiumisation are driving print management.

3 Ways Health Tech Transforms Wound Measurement and Care

3 Ways Health Tech Transforms Wound Measurement and Care

Ensuring accurate wound care and its continuity post treatment is at the heart of wound management tech.

When Should You Upgrade Your Office’s Printer

Is your office’s printer limiting productivity and compromising data security? Perhaps it is time for an upgrade.

3 Benefits of Digital Label Print Management for Small to Medium Businesses

Second to none in cost-savings and personalisation, digital print management is the way forward. Find out how the AccurioLabel 230 matches these needs.

Returning to Work: End to End Security Monitoring Solutions

Distributors are seeing unprecedented demand for thermal monitoring IoT security tools. Find out how Konica Minolta’s IoT Monitoring Solutions ensure workplace health and safety.

Improve productivity and efficiency of your business with Konica Minolta’s Document Management Solution

Improve productivity and efficiency of your business with Document Management Solution

Find out how KOMI Doc’s intuitive, seamless system streamlines business processes with workflow and collaboration.

3 Reasons to Explore Texture Printing with Konica Minolta’s MGI JETVARNISH 3DS

The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS is the dark horse in the print industry that can help your business reignite life with new possibilities! Explore the impossible now.

A Story of Trust, Assurance and Confidence

We had a chance to speak to Mr Dinesh Rajawasan, Chairman of ANIM8 (PVT) LTD, and the team that made it possible. Find out more about the first installation of the AccurioPress C14000 in the region.

Meeting Demand for Label Printing with Digital Label Printers

The demand for digital label printing has risen during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out how our industrial printers can match your business needs.

Hear from Ms Christine Tan, newly appointed General Manager of Regional HQ, Sales & Marketing

New leadership appointment – Ms Christine Tan as the General Manager of Regional HQ, Sales & Marketing.

Built for Printers-IQ-501

Built for Printers – IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser

We’ve all seen the progress of the print industry evolving from traditional screen printing to digital printing which embraces Variable Data Printing (VDP).

additive manufacture

Embrace Additive Manufacturing, Future of Manufacturing Technology

The current pandemic has greatly disrupted many manufacturers’ markets and operations, but some have managed to step up to the challenge and even identify new opportunities. Companies such as Konica Minolta, Ford, Adidas and Boeing have embraced 3D printing. Today it is possible to print everything — from a model of a molecule to an aeroplane.

5 Amazing Things That You Didn’t Know About Printers

Check out some useful functions and things that you probably didn’t know your printer can do!


5 Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation

5 Key Success Factors For Digital Transformation

Learn how do businesses navigate the digital future with success.

Workplace Automation: Navigating the future of work

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of work. Learn to leverage on these technologies and utilize them to be more effective and productive. Employing tools such as Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and artificial intelligence (AI) will be essential in alleviating humans from tedious, repetitive physical and mental tasks.

Our open letter and commitment to our customers that love speed

4 Simple reasons why you should invest in the new AccurioPress C14000/C12000

Enable Smarter Management and Archiving

Rethink Mobility. With data becoming more important and physical location becoming more a consideration than a constraint.

How businesses adapt to stay operational in the virtual environment

Cybersecurity for Remote Working: Is Your Business Ready?

Achieve Intelligent, Profit-Driven Processes

Rethink Mobility. As the push for digitisation increases, it has become essential to fine-tune business processes or risk sacrificing valuable productivity.

Virtual community proves effective during difficult times

Understand how Prokom – a Konica Minolta’s user community can help your business

How Imaging-IoT Monitoring Devices Can Keep Us Safe

As we will resume business after lockdown lifted, automating measures like temperature taking and keeping social distance can be quite necessary as they will be part of our life.

Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia, Mr Osafumi Kawamura highlights commitment to Asia

Rethink Business , Embrace Technology.

How Office Automation is Transforming Business today

Office Automation has been a common phrase for many businesses when they think about digital transformation and here’s why.

Print More With Less

Have you been wondering what it’s like to have a print room and why more companies are investing in one?

Agility: The Modern Workforce

Rethink Mobility. Remote Work Solutions

Let’s Embrace Remote Working Today!

Tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of this COVID-19 work from home arrangement.

Why Optimisation Is No Longer Optional

Rethink Print Workflow, Automate Your Business

Transforming Konica Minolta’s brand with RETHINK

Know more on what the new Konica Minolta brand – RETHINK is all about.

New Insights for a New Industry

Understand the label printing industry and the potential that it brings.

The Digital Print Starter Pack for Businesses: Start 2020 Right

Kick-start the new year by equipping your business with sophisticated and intelligent digital tools.

When Technology Kills Productivity

Office technical issues can cost your employees a full productive working week every year.

Are You Vulnerable to Cybercrime?

66% of businesses attacked by hackers weren’t confident they could recover.