3 Benefits of Digital Label Print Management for Small to Medium Businesses

From hair care products to food and beverages, checking product labels is almost always a step prior to making purchasing decisions. To truly thrive in a competitive landscape, businesses cannot remain impervious to the marketing and operational value of quality product labels.

A core feature of marketing for many businesses, quality labelling levels up product differentiation in a market flooded with goods and services. Not only does the label provide consumers with information about the product, it also helps market your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. A digital printer will open up new business opportunities.

With advantages in shorter turnarounds and greater cost-savings, moving digital label printing in-house can be a gamechanger for small businesses up against larger corporations. Improved sustainability practices are an added benefit. Enhanced personalisation, lowered costs and environmentally friendly, digital printers are well worth the investment for small business owners.

1. Redefining Personalisation with Variable Data Printing

As big brands like Amazon use data mining for personalised product recommendations, leveraging a more targeted approach can be a window of opportunity for SMBs to compete on a bigger scale. With 71% of consumers feeling frustrated with impersonal shopping experiences, variable data printing shifts that dynamic by creating avenue for personalisation by changing:

  • Header information
  • Text and images

Full variability printing allows businesses to change everything on the document, whether it’s a brochure, poster, catalogue or product promotion. According to Cap Ventures, variable data printing allows small businesses to compete with Fortune 500 companies, returning up to 30 times the Return of Investment (ROI) of a static piece.

With personalisation as a key driver, variable data printing brings your branding to the next level and the AccurioLabel 230 provides both productivity and efficiency – components necessary for SMBs to thrive in current competitive markets.

2. Increasing Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to traditional printing, digital printers are relatively inexpensive and easy to set-up without requiring plates. With greater flexibility to zero in on quantity and speed, SMBs can opt for small and medium runs, test concepts and push out presses on a tight deadline. Consequently, a reduction in waste and manpower costs allows these businesses to remain viable without sacrificing quality in printing labels.

Perfect for SMBs and those looking to expand, the AccurioLabel 230 is a digital label printer that meets all key operatives – flexibility, operability and quality at reduced costs. The capability to churn out high quality label stickers in small and large batches seamlessly when you need to is one that opens your business up to new markets.

3. Reshaping Sustainability

Moving print capabilities to on demand is not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

With flexibility to print on demand, less paper is used. Likewise, a reduced set-up, capabilities for short and medium runs and lowered fulfilment costs equate to cost-savings and scrap reduction. Simply switching printing techniques can eliminate 10% of paper waste and the AccurioLabel 230 does just that with speed and flexibility.

Small businesses need not skimp on benefits afforded by digital variable data printing – not only can product labels be customised, there is also zero excess.

Consumers today desire personalised, quick returns but also care about the impact of their choices. With a small business, it can be difficult to ascertain which services to outsource and to bring in-house. Considering the varied benefits of digital label printing and its projected global growth of US$8.3 billion, small businesses have a gateway here to pivot for greater efficiency, productivity and application.

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