3 Ways Health Tech Transforms Wound Measurement and Care

The wound care tech market is expected to exceed US$20 billion by 2028, with developments aimed at streamlined care provision, early detection of infection, and remote healing. This is one of the ways technology is addressing overall healthcare demand for more affordable, precise and less intrusive solutions, and predictive and preventive care. How is this done?

1. Improve accuracy and consistency of care

Traditional – and manual – recording of wound assessments, conditions and treatments increases subjectivity and inaccuracies, embedded in human error or inconsistent reporting (i.e. unstandardised capturing of wounds with personal camera devices; variability in measurement techniques etc.).

Storage and sharing itself is riddled with inconsistencies. Paperwork from various departments and those from Intermediate Long-Term Care (ILTC) service providers is fragmented with no centralised database. Accurately tracking and reporting patients’ wound progress to medical experts for prompt advice becomes difficult post-discharge. 


Wound management technologies automate most of the processes, reducing chances of human errors, inconsistencies and inaccuracies in measurements, assessment and imaging. Using WoundAide’s 3D scanning capabilities, doctors can precisely capture wound images within seconds, obtaining objective parameters (length, width, depth, volume, area and perimeter). The device automatically defines wound boundary and wound bed tissue classification, providing such data for standardised imaging, assessment and digitised documentation.

Furthermore, the technology enables seamless retrieving and sharing of wound and patient data across multiple departments and facilities. Flexible data storage is available on premise or on cloud infrastructure. Healthcare professionals gets customised reports, configured to the institution’s requirements. Data trends on wound dimensions are easily accessible to provide an overview of wound healing status over time, allowing for a holistic and personalised approach to quality care.

2. Increase productivity with design and portability

On top of the accuracy and consistency that drives productivity of health specialists, providing care remotely helps to strengthen its continuity. This is not possible with traditional healthcare systems. 


Handheld WoundAide is designed to be portable and robust for busy healthcare settings. Its portability allows primary care doctors to consult specialists remotely in real-time, which allows continuity of optimal wound care treatment in any community or external facilities. WoundAide is carefully crafted to provide simple intuitive yet easy-to-use interfaces. It significantly shortens the wound care workflow, boosting efficiency and productivity among healthcare professionals.

WoundAide also adopts a non-contact measurement technique, reducing healthcare associated infections transmissions and patient discomfort.

3. Secure report sharing and configuration

Protecting healthcare data in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is of paramount importance today.  For instance, images of wounds are saved and shared with other healthcare professionals across personal devices. This compromises patients’ privacy and increases the risk of data leakage – the critical problems the PDPA sets out to mitigate.


A transformative healthcare technology like WoundAide puts security as priority. On top of secured on-premise network and cloud storage, wireless data transfer is also fully encrypted, and users have secured access rights control, eliminating risks of unauthorised access. This level of security makes real-time and remote sharing hassle-free – data can be shared securely anytime and anywhere via web-based portals on mobile phones and laptops.

Embracing the power of innovative technologies is the progressive step towards success – get in touch to find out how WoundAide can transform your healthcare services.

Interested to find out more about our WoundAide?

WoundAide is a digital handheld wound measurement solution that allows efficient wound monitoring and documentation, providing an accurate and consistent wound assessment which includes photos and 3D measurements of depth, length, width, surface area and volume of the wound. The non-contact measurement decreases the risk of infection and allows capturing of information in a faster manner as compared to the conventional method.

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