Achieve Intelligent, Profit-Driven Processes

Achieve Intelligent, Profit-Driven Processes

Modern workplaces have evolved into information hubs, data-rich and shaped by increasingly versatile needs. As the push for digitisation increases, it has become essential to fine-tune business processes or risk sacrificing valuable productivity.

By enhancing digital workflows and office automation, Document Management Systems (DMS) facilitate the capture, store, access, and management of all files within an organisation. DMS solutions culminate in integrated systems with mobile, customisable and highly-secure document management features.

Document Management Systems (DMS)
Document Management Systems (DMS)

This is particularly relevant when considering two critical business functions:

  1. Finance and Accounting

Quick and reliable data is needed when generating key financial figures, such as market position, profitability and liquidity. This is only possible if the core processes of accounts payable and accounts receivable are executed swiftly, securely and remain error-free.

DMS solutions set the stage for business transformation, turning financial activities into a profit-driving spearhead of efficiency. Data captured from documents and workflow automation help companies to eliminate productivity barriers by centralising valuable document and process knowledge, then integrating this information with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Compliance mandates are easily met with secure document storage and tracking, and crucial financial information can be safely restored through comprehensive disaster recovery.

Processes centred around accounts payable can likewise be improved. DMS solutions are capable of capturing paper and electronic invoices, automatically matching them to purchase orders and delivery orders. Workflows can be customised to manage the approval process, with approved amounts being posted straight to the general ledger through pre-built ERP integrations. With a powerful DMS, companies can process invoices promptly, track due dates and status changes, and significantly improve cash flow management.

  1. Invoice Processing

The effective handling of invoices holds great potential for improving productivity, accuracy and turnaround. By introducing automatic processes for incoming invoices, companies are enabled to move away from time-consuming paper and data entry.

DMS solutions relieve the burden of manual work by facilitating digitisation and smart distribution of converted content. Invoices can be digitised with intelligent indexing and securely stored in a central repository. Workflows are flexible and targeted, able to facilitate approval routing, expedite payments, and avoid late fees. Digitised documents can also be instantly retrieved and delivered as pre-organised, secure archives, dramatically reducing audit preparation time.

Konica Minolta’s Document Management Systems address and transcend the inefficiencies of traditional document management. Powerful, enterprise-grade document management allows organisations to eliminate tedious processes, share content with a vast, decentralised team, and reduce costs by targeting and eliminating pain points within key business areas.

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