Advantages of Digital Printing With AccurioPress C4080

Advantages of Digital Printing with AccurioPress C4080

With the rapid advancement of technology and the constant improvement of digital print processes, digital printing has come a long way.

Introducing the AccurioPress C4080 series, also known as the changemaker series, the all-in-one print manufacturing powerhouse that provides businesses with maximum productivity and the ability to streamline print operations. Rethink your print processes with the AccurioPress C4080, a single press that is able to do 2-sided banner printing, professional inline finishing, make real-time automated quality adjustments, all without compromising on print quality.

Rest assured you will be able to take your business to new heights, as the AccurioPress C4080 was designed to help print businesses expand into new markets and develop new revenue streams with agile digital production functionalities.

Reimagine Print Technology With One Engine

As a fully configured press, the AccurioPress C4080 is able to print do prints of various sizes to meet your customers’ every need in a single integrated production process. In fact, this digital printer is able to print flat sheets, duplex long sheets (up to 864mm) or directly finish prints inline with your choice of finish – all with a single engine. With digital printing completed in one smart production process on a single printer, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your clients quickly and efficiently.

To fulfil the high demands of the printing industry, our R&D team at Konica Minolta has designed the printer to have a fuss-free setup, along with an ultra-reliable paper path, exceptional productivity and outstanding automated image stability. Furthermore, the AccurioPress system is also able to seamlessly integrate into a myriad of software applications that can help further cut costs for your business.

Embrace Enhanced User Experience

Having an automated workflow is highly important when it comes to print production. Take charge of your print processes with the state-of-the-art print controller on the AccurioPress C4080. The IC-609, IC-419 and IC-417 image controllers bring powerful workflow benefits that include high-speed Raster Image Processor (RIP) processing and versatile colour management that minimise print errors and more.

With more control over your print processes and advanced job management, expect to drastically reduce turnaround times, errors and labour costs that come with a high amount of print errors.

Rethink Efficiency With Ready-Made Prints

Get geared up for enhanced efficiency with added value solutions that come with the AccurioPress C4080 – the digital printer that provides print businesses with the highest degree of automation. Get prints done quicker with the ready-made print function that is able to print 50-sheet booklets with front trimming, creasing, slitting and even spine corner forming. Not to mention functions to perfect bind books of up to 300 pages, automated inline business card and postcard cutting.

You can even ensure colour consistency and registration accuracy for every printed sheet automatically to avoid reprints that lead to print waste. With an inspection system and numerous auto control and adjustment features, gone will be the days of colour quality issues during the process of print production.

Take the Lead in The Print Industry With the AccurioPress C4080

Forge forward with sustainable practices with the support of Konica Minolta. As we continue to integrate environmental and social perspectives into our products, you can count on our products to support your green business strategy in the long run.

Whether you wish to streamline print processes, expand into new markets or focus on sustainable business practices, the AccurioPress C4080 is able to meet the evolving needs of your businesses. Get in touch with our experts today for a live demonstration.

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