Automating your Supply Chain with Autonomous Material Handling

Enhancing Supply Chain Management with Autonomous Material Handling (AMH)

The autonomous mobile robot, or AMR market is booming. With an increasing demand for automation in the supply chain ecosystem, coupled with the accelerated growth in e-commerce, it is no wonder that the global autonomous mobile robot market size is set to hit USD 8.70 billion by 2028. They may appear small, but these devices are versatile powerhouses, capable of performing all sorts of tasks with little to no human intervention. As such innovative technologies continue to improve, experts believe that autonomous robots could be a defining competitive advantage for companies in the years to come.

But autonomous robots are just a part of Konica Minolta’s integrated Autonomous Material Handling (AMH) solution. Put simply; the AMH is a suite of cyber-physical systems specially designed for handling materials in various industrial applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, inter-logistics operations and more. By combining advanced software with automated robotics systems, the AMH enables organisations in Singapore and beyond to reshape and streamline their supply chain management processes. Our series of safe, cost-effective mobile robot solutions will undoubtedly deliver significant value and take your supply chain productivity to new heights.

Benefits of Autonomous Material Handling

Say goodbye to human error or tedious, repetitive tasks slowing you down. With automated mobile robots taking on mundane, laborious and even dangerous duties such as transporting pallets, your employees will be free to perform more high-value, strategic roles. Not only do they offer efficiency gains, but in times of uncertainty and workforce shortages, the mobile robots also ensure consistent, round-the-clock service for smooth supply chain operations.

Ultimately, the automated robots grow revenue by enhancing delivery speed, order fulfilment rates, and overall customer satisfaction. As the mobile robots also integrate with material handling, enterprise software, and existing infrastructure without a hitch, the AMH effectively optimises workflows and reduces cost, paving the way for future business growth.

Highly Adaptable

Konica Minolta’s fully configurable autonomous robots can be redeployed to handle new scenarios and dynamic environments with practically no incurred costs or physical changes. In the face of unpredictable supply chain disruptions, such agile solutions are vital for minimising business downtime. Plus, since the AMH can interoperate with infrastructure access, it allows for real-time status updates and instant response in the event of an incident.

Real-World Applications of Autonomous Material Handling

Interested to see our AMH in action? Take one of our many success stories, for example. Utilising a cohesive blend of hardware and software, Konica Minolta developed a comprehensive AMH solution for a leading transportation service provider in Hong Kong.

Enter the MiR500 — an autonomous mobile robot developed by Mobile Industry Robots (MiR). In the place of human-operated forklifts and pallet jacks now sits a fleet of MiR500. These cutting-edge mobile robots harness pallet lifting mechanisms to handle and transport heavy palleted parts (up to 500kg) around the facility entirely on their own. Furthermore, it utilises laser-based technology and proximity sensors to create a viable route map by automatically transmitting data into a planning algorithm.

Rethink Supply Chain Management With Konica Minolta

What once seemed like distant, futuristic technology is now transforming supply chain management across industries today. For more information on Autonomous Material Handling and Autonomous Mobile Robots, visit our solutions page to discover how Konica Minolta’s solutions can automate your business.

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