Built for Printers – IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimiser

We’ve all seen the progress of the print industry evolving from traditional screen printing to digital printing which embraces Variable Data Printing (VDP). While the progress has been significant in shaping the industry, many have question what more can be done to see another breakthrough in the industry.

Automation has been implemented in most manufacturing environments for more than a decade now, providing greater efficiencies and cost reductions for businesses. However regionally, printers have been slow to leverage workflow automation and artificial intelligence. The cost and complexity of implementing automated workflows can sometimes be daunting for many printers, as some who have been in the industry for more than 20 years have grown accustomed towards what they perceive as efficient and productive workflow.

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Cruise into the new way of printing with ease 

What if print workflow automation can be done without having to know complex coding or even better, with minimal human interference? We believe that automation need not be complex to implement, in fact establish printers like you should be able to do so with ease.

In ensuring that implementation is simpler for our digital printers, there is now an option to invest in automated colour management via Konica Minolta’s IQ-501 colour management system. The IQ-501 is an optional module installed after the print engine, which allows for in-line real-time scanning of both colour patches and registration marks to ensure both colour consistency and perfect registration during a production run.

Here’s how the IQ-501 can help your business:

  • Auto Image Adjustment
    This is an engine feature that constantly monitors both position and colour quality of a job. It prints both registration marks and colour bars on the inboard and outboard edges of the media to be scanned and analysed by the IQ-501. The engine takes corrective action to ensure that both the position and colour quality is maintained throughout the job.
  • Automated for precision and reliability
    We all know the best way to reduce wastage is through precision and increase machine The reduction in wastage could mean higher profit margin for print jobs, and this is made possible with human intervention minimised during the process. Our IQ-501’s automated artificial intelligence technology gets it right every time, where measurements are precise, consistent and reliable that it leaves you with no room for any errors.
  • Easy to understand – as simple as it can get
    Skilled and experience operators have been few and far between these days. The IQ-501 addresses the skill gap so that novice print operators can produce precisely registered, calibrated and profiled colour prints from their very first print run. Skilled operators can now focus on higher value task that require years of experience to execute well.
  • Consistent High-Quality Prints
    Consistency comes naturally when the workflow is automated, this means high quality prints every single time. But how is that possible? IQ-501 is designed with real-time monitoring and automatic colour and registration adjustment, delivering highly consistent quality across your entire range of print products.
  • Reduced Downtime + Faster Turnaround time = Maximum Production Efficiency
    Yes, we’ve revealed the ultimate combination to achieve maximum production efficiency. With the workflow now automated, there is no need for regular checking during production which results into machine downtime. With the IQ-501, you can automate and speed up most of the preparation and make-ready of your printing press, increasing productivity and turnaround time for your customers. Isn’t that great?

According to a report by Deloitte on how receptive internal stakeholder groups with regards to intelligent automation strategy, there is a substantial percentage that supports the adoption of automation.

(Source: Deloitte Insights)

Therefore, with the proper employee communication strategy, employers need to ensure that their employees feel safe. This demonstrates how critical cultural change is: any business that wants to emerge from the transition successfully must integrate digitalisation into its corporate DNA.


Interested in how your business can benefit by equipping Konica Minolta’s IQ-501?

Speak to our sales consultants to find out more about how your business can benefit from equipping IQ-501 with your Konica Minolta Production Printers or contact us today.

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