Enhancing Traditional Customs with Embellishments

Transforming Traditions with Embellishment Printing

A tradition practised for centuries amongst Chinese families, Hongbao-giving holds much significance. In recent years, this indelible part of Chinese New Year has evolved into a communal means of expressing gratitude and appreciation to its recipients on occasions beyond the Lunar New Year – a far cry from the tradition that was once contained within families.

With the blurring of such conventional lines comes an increasing need for the modernisation of the traditional gift. Driven to preserve customs and adapt to changing consumer demands, printing companies are compelled to create fancier red packet designs and decorations by leveraging new printing techniques like embellishment.

Neutralising Disruptions with Innovative Printing Services

For print production companies specialising in red packets and Chinese New Year decorations, disruptions caused by the pandemic and its safe management measures has led to the inevitable pinch in output. Despite the estimated 30% drop in demand for mass-market red packets1, printing companies are still able to retain a competitive edge by tapping on one fundamental fact – that the art and traditions of red packets remain invaluable till this day.

Consequently, shifting business models to focus on bridging the gap between customs and progressing modernity is now framed as an ultimatum to print companies to stay abreast in these challenging times. Keeping in mind the current logistics landscape and the increasing need to outdo competition – especially that precipitated by technological advancement – companies can now print design-centric red packets and decorations in-house with the Konica Minolta JETvarnish series. With a full line of industrial printersJETvarnish 3D One, JETvarnish 3DS, and JETvarnish 3D Evolution – texture printing, embellishment, and other value-added processes can be offered to customers.

1. The Increasing Demand for Red Packet Premiumisation

Despite the steady decrease in red packet production2as much as 20%3 – by banks in Singapore, digital printing service providers have seen a largely steady demand for high-end, one-of-a-kind red packets4, with some clients even increasing their budget for premiumisation. Capable of printing tactile and intricate designs, foil stamping, adding embellishments and 3D effects, the JETvarnish series allows suppliers to target collectors looking for an innovative take on the traditional red packet.

2. Mitigating Risks in Taking Last Minute Orders

Delivering high productivity in a single pass with its UV Inkjet technology and drop-on-demand piezoelectric print heads, the iFoil inline module and variable data enhancement kit in the JETvarnish range allows print companies to take on last-minute requests. Given its print on demand capabilities, the economic volatility and disruptions in supply chains printers are coping with will become a thing of the past with the JETvarnish digital embellishment printers.

Raising the Bar of Traditions with Texture Printing

Businesses are to leverage embellishment for print engagement and keep traditions alive this Lunar New Year. As a leading business solution provider, Konica Minolta aims to support print production businesses through their exploration with texture printing. For more industrial printing solutions in Singapore, get in touch with our experts today.



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