How Office Automation is Transforming Businesses Today

Office Automation has been a common phrase for many businesses when they think about digital transformation. However, how much do we really know about its benefits and implementing correctly to achieve the intended business objective. Firstly, digital transformation is not plainly about shifting towards digital or cloud solutions. A truly effective transformation should bring about more efficient deployment of manpower and increase in productivity as a business, and that’s where office automation can come in to achieve the objective.

Automation alone isn’t enough
While automating existing workflow could see some early results, however automation alone without supplementing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology or leveraging on data is like going to a fighting a war without the proper tools. Automation and AI technology are key drivers in transforming businesses and possibly alter the way we operate in our workplaces. With machine-learning algorithms being more advanced now than ever, leveraging on data collected to analysis and recommend the best possible decision, after taking into considering all possible scenarios and outcomes.1

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have seen some promising results in transforming the forefront of many business operations and revolutionising today’s workplace culture. AI technology have since served the purpose of guiding, organizing and automating workflow processes while improving overall efficiency and productivity. Specifically, when AI is paired together with automation, it maximizes company profits by utilizing the minimum manpower yet in a right and creative manner. The technical improvements brought in by them contribute to the management of several tasks in the office that are achieved effortlessly, and employees’ work becomes less tiring.3

Data management forms one of the major components of an office automation system, this brings about strategic advantages by simplifying the management of stored data and information. Large organizations can then monitor and control various projects and activities within the office through an electronic management system. 2 A dashboard or information panel that pulls data from the various projects or machines can then be viewed at one glance and analyse it for management to make informed decisions. In this day of age, having clean and accurate data will be the tipping point to increase the success rate of a business decision. To be able to harvest the data collected in an efficient manner often boils down to effective management of data.

Automating workflow for business needs
As a digital company, we understand the pain points when your machine and it has impacts on your business operations. Therefore, Konica Minolta launched the worldwide remote service platform (WWRSPF) that allows remote service to Konica Minolta multi-function printer (MFP), gone will be days of frustrating phone calls and long waits for help to arrive. The platform is designed to keep your device operation system updated, latest security patches and firmware are scheduled automatically for you to make sure that your MFPs are always at optimal performance. With predictive technology to prevent system malfunction, we have intelligently collect data from your system log in order to predict the services you’ll require without prompting. You no longer need to worry that your consumable running low as once the system detect it, it will trigger a notification to our service team and they will send the required consumables seamlessly.4 By periodically conducting data backup, you can be assured that you’ll be able to retrieve the existing setting & important information stored in your MFPs in case of unforeseen system breakdown. With remote servicing, you can now receive IT technical support from our professional helpdesk that will guide you and troubleshoot the problem onsite. By doing so, you need not worry about scheduling a time and wait in office for our technicians to fix the issue.

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