Leveraging Embellishment for Print Engagement

Enter New Dimensions with Digital Embellishment

In an era of competitive differentiation and the need for enhanced brand awareness to stay on top of the game, the steady advancement of print technology presents a revolutionary way for prints to interact with customers. Supporting a 27% compound annual growth rate from 2015 to 2020, digital embellishment printing is capturing market awareness. The delay in adopting embellishment in print production and the sole reliance on print quality thus becomes less viable for enterprises. This has made it pivotal for businesses to invest in texture printing to ensure the delivery of above par products and achieve marketing objectives through increased print engagement.


Rethink Marketing: Differentiation with Texture Printing

The rise of mass production has brought about the homogenisation of products. As such, traditional marketing strategies that once focused on addressing customer’s functional needs are now being reevaluated. Existing loopholes lie in their inability to address customer’s pleasure-seeking values that rely on a multi-dimensional experience. Tapping on the psychological aspect of consumers and their purposive and conscious purchasing process has thus become imperative. This encourages businesses to rethink the experiential perspective of their product presentation.

The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS by Konica Minolta addresses this new passion point of marketing and takes industrial printing to new dimensions with its 3D effects brought about by UV spot printing and hot foiling capabilities. Creating luxurious products that sell itself, texture printing acknowledges the customer’s imaginative and sensory reactions to products.


 1. Sensory Impact on Customer Behaviour

According to a study by the Foil & Speciality Effects Association, products with embellishment were identified by customers 45% faster and had an 18% longer attention retention rate compared to a non-embellished product. Comprising of 3D digital textures, 2D spot UV effect, and embossed foil, digital embellishment by industrial printers also satisfies the demand for personalisation.

Manufacturing products with high visibility, the JETvarnish series makes details appear salient, prompting our need for touch (NFT) to gather information on product quality[1]. This possibility of tactile inspection influences spontaneous and impulsive purchases[2].  In support, research demonstrates customers’ willingness to pay premiums of 24% to 89% for these premium special effects over standard 2D coloured prints.


 2. Multi-Sensory Brand-Experience

With the deliberate engagement with each customer, textured printing and embellishment offers a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience through its emphasis on premiumisation. 71% of customers expect high-quality packaging that validates its higher prices – texture printing satisfies this by impacting logical and emotive customer evaluations, surpassing expectations.

An effective way to enhance brand personality, image, and awareness, this experiential approach allows businesses to gain a strong foothold in customer trust and establish a positive customer-brand relationship. As a matter of fact, 52% of customers are willing to repurchase products from brands that produce premium packaging with tactile textured prints.

Printing is Now Textured & Embellished

Understanding the importance of customer perception and loyalty, Konica Minolta offers a solution for businesses to differentiate themselves by producing prints that stand out. Aimed to value-add and achieve margins, the MGI JETvarnish 3DS functions as 3 different embellishment machines in one and can support various printing systems. Contact us for its seamless integration into your existing print lines.

[1] Peck, J., & Wiggins, J. (2006). It Just Feels Good: Customers’ Affective Response to Touch and Its Influence on Persuasion. Journal of Marketing, 70, 56-69.

[2] Wronska, B. & Grebosz, M. (2012). Sensory Impact on Costumer Behaviour. Konsumpcja I Rozwoj 2 (3), 67-77.

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