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Improve Efficiency with Autonomous Mobile Robots

Rethink Business Processes and Automation With Robotics With the rapid development of technology in the past decade, technology has changed the way many workplaces operate. Through digital transformation, we have seen an increase in the digitalization and automation of numerous business processes in industrial applications and the undisputable involvement of technology in our daily work.

Digital Printing Technology with AccurioPress C4080

Introduce new revenue streams at streamlined costs and hassle-free assimilation with the AccurioPress C4080 production printer. Learn more.

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Reopening of Workplaces

Supporting A Hybrid Workplace Model With the vaccine roll-out underway and cautious reopening plans, now is the time for organisations to start thinking about how best to return to a physical central workplace – if at all. Research from Microsoft recently found that 42% of companies plan on moving their workers from on-site to fully remote

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Protect and Secure your Business with bizhub i-Series

There is an increasing need for businesses to protect internal data. Find out how the bizhub i-Series office printers support a secure print environment.

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Creating a New Dimension in Greeting Cards

Turn ordinary greeting cards to narratives of creative expressions with various types of embellishments. Learn more.

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The Modern Connected Workplace

With the rapid advancement of technology in today’s era, digital transformation is key to building a business that lasts. Learn more.

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Smart Monitoring Keeps your Business Moving

The integration of Smart Monitoring is a must to gain a competitive edge. Learn how our IoT Smart Monitoring solutions can help your business do so.

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The Intelligent Connected Workplace

The Intelligent Connected Workplace is the future of work. Take the first step to digital transformation today. Find out more.

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Elevate Print Runs with Digital Embellishments

Pursue new growth opportunities and capture larger markets with industrial printers from the MGI JETvarnish series. Learn how it benefits print businesses.

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Efficient Smart Offices with bizhub i-Series

Konica Minolta redefines print management solutions with an innovative line of multifunction peripherals through the bizhub i-Series. Find out more.

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bizhub i-Series – The MFP for business of all sizes

Selecting the right type of office printer is vital for optimising productivity. Find out how the bizhub i-Series printers can support your business growth.

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Driving Digital Printing Innovation With AccurioJet KM-1e Inkjet Printer

In a highly connected business environment, the fluctuation of demand and supply spikes will invariably spill over to other functions and industries.

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Rethink Your Print Shop Workflow with AccurioPro Flux

In an increasingly digital world propelled by technological advancement, print landscapes have changed dramatically. As a result, digital printing companies can no longer rely solely on a solid hardware infrastructure to compete in today’s modern economy.

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