Redefine Managed IT Services with Workplace Hub and KOMI Doc

Redefine Managed IT Services with Workplace Hub and KOMI Doc

From data security to rising costs, organisations of all sizes are constantly battling with an ever-evolving landscape of IT challenges. Factor in the disruption caused by COVID-19, and IT becomes a double-edged sword — both an enabler and a bottleneck for businesses.

One of the many IT challenges companies face is managing IT spending and resources effectively. Studies show that most businesses (53%) plan to increase their tech spending in 2022, which requires precise cost control. Flexibility also remains a major concern, with 54% of companies believing that their IT is not flexible enough to keep pace with business growth.

Businesses that are agile enough to keep up with the constantly changing technologies stand to gain an edge over competitors. As remote digital workplaces become the norm, equipping internal teams with the right tools and harnessing innovative business solutions such as holistic managed IT services are crucial for success.

Workplace Hub: The All-in-One IT Solution by Konica Minolta

Organisations can bid farewell to IT challenges with Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub. This comprehensive workplace IT solution encompasses next-generation hardware and software, paired with a full suite of IT infrastructure management services.

By unifying your IT in an all-in-one ecosystem, Workplace Hub helps you overcome IT hassles in the blink of an eye and ensure seamless business operations. The managed IT and application services we provide in Singapore include:

  • Platform hosting VMS
  • System security & data protection
  • Storage & back-up management
  • Ongoing proactive management
  • Onsite installation & support

Here is a closer look at the core advantages the Workplace Hub offers for your IT management.

  1. Peace of mind

With Workplace Hub, you will never need to worry about your network and system security. Our IT ecosystem features secure back-up and maximum network protection for the ultimate peace of mind.

Your data will also be safe from malicious attacks, as all data stored on Workplace Hub is encrypted for added protection. Leave the time-consuming and complex tasks to us, allowing you to enjoy the freedom and assurance you need to focus on expanding your business.

  1. Reduced IT spending

Workplace Hub enables you to regain complete control of your IT spending. With one contract and a fixed monthly price, you can reap the benefits of working with a single provider instead of having to deal with an array of different systems and vendors.

  1. Superior scalability

Available as a server-only version for your server room or in tandem with an MFP to maximise small office spaces, the Workplace Hub is the only managed IT solution that grows with your business. Whether you are looking to expand or even transition to hybrid workplaces, the modular services of the Workplace Hub let you customise it according to your needs.

Document Management Made Easy With KOMI Doc

According to the Nitro 2020 Productivity Report, 50% of knowledge workers’ time is lost in preparing tedious documents. When it comes to document management, how can businesses boost productivity, streamline workflows and enable secure remote collaboration? By rounding out your IT ecosystem with the KOMI Doc Cloud Platform, of course.

Designed to make managing paper documents an absolute breeze, KOMI Doc empowers your digital workspace by eliminating cumbersome processes. Together with Workplace Hub, these revolutionary business solutions can take staff productivity and efficiency to brand new heights.

Ease the Burden of IT Management With Our Integrated Services 

IT headaches and challenges will become a thing of the past with Konica Minolta’s cutting-edge managed IT services and robust document management solutions. Keen to learn more about how Workplace Hub and KOMI Doc can help your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists to get started.


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