Redefining Sustainability in Print Management Through The bizhub i-Series

The bizhub i-Series: Merging Innovation and Sustainability in Print Management

Released in June 2019, the new bizhub i-Series redefines the use of technology in printing, copying, and scanning in offices with multifunction peripherals (MFPs). As businesses swiftly move into more agile, technologically advanced and connected ways of work, the multifunction printers fulfill evolving needs in this aspect.

Multifunction printers remain essential, despite how quickly businesses are evolving. As businesses rely on a range of technologies for information to flow smoothly, a multifunction printer becomes an important conveyor for increased efficiency, productivity and performance.

Combined with the paradigm shift from material wealth to improving the quality of society, the bizhub i-Series demonstrates Konica Minolta’s commitment to offer competitive yet socially sound solutions. It is awarded the Good Design Award 2019 which features a sophisticated design that blends advanced functionality with operability to cater to next-generation needs.


Reshaping Sustainability Practices

Incorporating sustainability, either through form and function or product and service is becoming important across industries. Approximately 62% of executives consider it necessary in tomorrow’s business climate. Operational improvements and digitalisation aren’t the only goals a business needs to strive towards – innovation must marry value-conscious notions like environmental impact.

How does the bizhub i-Series deliver positive environmental change?


1. Corporate Social Responsibility

In a time where environmental and social issues like climate change are escalating, championing a change through offering eco-friendly products and services is the way forward.

Prioritising sustainability, each and every model of the bizhub i-Series has a EPEAT Gold rating and fulfills Blue Angel standards, both of which are models for environmentally-preferable products. The bizhub i-Series multifunction printers (C360i/C300i/C250i, C4050i/C4000i) have also attained the prestigious Singapore Green Label certification for the second time in a row, reaffirming the company’s resolve to offer sustainable solutions.

The bizhub i-Series then not only is a way for a global company like Konica Minolta to embrace corporate social responsibility but also benefits consumers using these products, effectively impacting society in intimate ways.


2. Customer Experience

Integrating sustainability into business operations is key to evolving, improving and offering quality for the socially-conscious consumers of tomorrow. By subsuming cutting-edge technology and innovation, the bizhub i-Series produces high-quality work with improved environmental design.

For instance, the bizhub C360i series saves both energy and cost with its competitively low power consumption. Also awarded the Green Label, most of the Konica Minolta bizhub A3 multi-function printers boast a mere 0.5W power consumption during sleep mode, lowering carbon emissions. Replacing traditional cushioning material with lighter ones, cinching the President of Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development Award in the process, also delivers on the green promise.


Driving Change With Environmentally Friendly Products

Konica Minolta brings the change by closing the ‘knowing-doing’ and ‘compliance-competitive’ gap. The bizhub i-Series are not only a way for businesses to embrace eco-friendly print management but also comply with the ever-present need to be conscious of the environment and our effects upon it.

Building a sustainable society begins with successful habits. With the bizhub i-Series, your business can develop social confidence, operationally integrate sustainability and grow as the company of choice. At the same time, redefine print management through enhanced efficiency and productivity with these high-performance multifunction printers. Create a change today.

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