Returning to Work: End to End Security Monitoring Solutions

Workplace Monitoring for Health & Safety

The pandemic has brought about a widespread revelation that rudimentary security and monitoring measures are insufficient in sustaining workplace safety. With the government easing tight Circuit Breaker measures, companies are scurrying to implement a system of Safe Management Measures to restrain contagion while employees acclimatise to the new normal. This has not only left businesses ruminating on the importance of enforcing social distancing measures through the use of IoT security monitoring tools but has also seen an increase in the number of employers turning to monitoring programmes for the first time to ensure business continuity.

Rethinking Workplace Monitoring: IoT Monitoring Solutions

To ensure viability of businesses, a holistic end to end security solution is necessary to identify, protect, respond to, and recover from threats and attacks. With the global IoT devices installed estimated to reach 27.5 billion this year, a potential surge in IoT security attacks may occur. This has paved the way for makers of technology to innovate and offer their end to end security monitoring solutions in IoT.

Looking to take preemptive steps as workplace demographics shift, companies are adopting powerful technologies, such as infrared thermographic cameras and video analytics. This is where Konica Minolta’s next-generation security solutions built with proprietary technologies come in.

IoT Monitoring Solution

Understanding the requirements for safe management measures at the workplace set up by MOM, Konica Minolta is a frontrunner in supplying comprehensive monitoring solutions that address workplace health and safety. A global leader in IT and Physical end to end security solutions, we collaborated with MOBOTIX to provide companies a range of critical infrastructure solutions that are IoT enabled. 

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Following the health crisis, thermal sensors and imaging technology have risen in demand – with an estimated 700% increase for thermal imaging cameras or commonly known as infrared cameras. Capable of operating in real-time, it plays a crucial role in battling a looming second wave of infections. Our range of thermal imaging cameras offer a complete standalone solution to combat this possibility. A scalable security solution, it monitors temperatures with an accuracy of ±0.05°C, detects temperatures that exceed a pre-configured range, and has an in-built MxActivity sensor that reduces false alarms by up to 90% .  

Video Analytics and IoT Status Monitoring

Beyond thermographic technology, Konica Minolta’s IoT monitoring solutions have a decentralised architecture and employ AI for video analytics processing. To enhance security in defined areas, object statistics can be set up on its Video Management System. Crowd density can be monitored, informing management of social distancing violations when captured data is analysed in-real-time on the EDGE and made readily available on apps on the user’s preferred device.

Technology as a Key Lever

With the World Health Organisation backing the benefits of entry thermal screening, Konica Minolta aims to provide a robust means for monitoring of employees in the workplace. With innovative technological approaches that align with current needs, Konica Minolta’s IoT Monitoring Solutions can assess, monitor, and mitigate organisational risks while delivering cost-effective and decentralised solutions. 


Interested to find out more about our IoT Monitoring Solution?

The IoT monitoring solution aims to add value to businesses beyond security coverage. It helps to innovate work processes, boosts productivity with efficient resourcing, reduces downtimes and provides business intelligence.

Speak to our sales consultants to find out more about how your business can benefit from our IoT Monitoring Solution or simply contact us today.

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