The Digital Print Starter Pack for Businesses: Start 2020 Right

The Digital Print Starter Pack for Businesses: Start 2020 Right

The adoption of digital transformation strategies has increasingly become synonymous with success. In 2019 alone, 83% of businesses planned to increase digital involvement. This trend stems from tangible benefits, with 68% claiming that their annual profitability increased over the past three years— all thanks to investments in digital strategy1. Conversely, many organisations are concerned that they will lag behind competitors because of delayed transformation efforts2: companies that utilise digital strategies to drive value can end up being 26% more profitable in comparison3.

Fortunately, starting your digital transformation journey is made simple with Konica Minolta’s checklist of highly-recommended solutions.

1. Go Digital

Digitising all documentation within your transformation plan helps to reduce physical inventory space, automate existing workflows, and, more importantly, create an efficient and reliable central data repository. Companies making this transition will find an innovative solution in Document Process Outsourcing (DPO). This time-saving strategy essentially outsources all aspects of digitisation to Konica Minolta. We handle the entire process from document preparation to quality checks and uploading digital copies into your server. By outsourcing tedious and mundane jobs, you now have more time to focus on revenue-generating business activities and expansion plans. Domain expertise is likewise no longer a concern, providing all companies with access to leading digitisation solutions regardless of previous experience.

2. Automate for Agility

Automation has been at the forefront of this digital age, and while many business owners have the desire to adopt best practices, not all have the knowledge and tools to execute it. Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), repetitive, rules-based tasks can be handled using specially configured software—a virtual workforce, per se. This frees up manpower and enables cost reduction through minimising errors and wastage, improving accuracy and agility, and reducing complexities by streamlining backend processes. Compliance is easily attained by never retaining process-driven data, and communication is enhanced with real-time monitoring and analytics. The potential applications of RPA are vast, ranging from server and application monitoring in IT industries, to preparing the Bill of Materials in operations. This strategy is also a step towards achieving sustainability for companies that are interested in going green.

3. Invest in a Powerful Entry Level Printer

Companies looking to invest in a smart solution for their printing requirements will find their answer in our Entry Level Color Production Printer (ELPP) AccurioPrint C759. This powerful office tool combines excellent production print capabilities with high durability. Among other features, the AccurioPrint C759 maximises productivity through rapid input and output, and can easily accommodate a wide variety of devices, networks and work styles. The machine is capable of printing at an impressive 65ppm, printing banners up to 1,2000mm, and is incredibly flexible when it comes to authentication, backups, and executing inbuilt functions. Hugely environmentally friendly, it features lower power consumption, eco-friendly materials, and a highly efficient sleep mode.

4. Go Green with Multi-Function Printer (MFP) Solutions

According to a 2018 survey, 83% of respondents would pick brands with a better sustainability record4, making it the key to a successful business. Companies involved with the printing industry—tangentially or otherwise—cannot afford to be left behind as far as this trend is concerned. Konica Minolta embraces this direction and has taken steps to catalyse and advance green initiatives, guided by its Eco Vision 2050. Our MFPs are part of the Green Products Certification System, employing recycled, eco-friendly plastics in their outer cases and toner bottles, and Induction Heating technology to reduce power consumption. In addition to this, our printers use an exclusive Simitri® HD toner, which is made from a plant-based “biomass” material and cuts toner consumption by over 30%.

5. Augment Manpower Capabilities with Robotics

Konica Minolta partners with industry leaders such as Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), a leading manufacturer of Collaborative Mobile Robots, to support and optimise workflows across multiple industries. Wielding a combination of 3D cameras and ultrasonic sensors to navigate safely around environments and obstacles, deployed robots are able to improve process pain points, diminish costs and danger, and significantly enhance production flow. With the MiR Fleet solution, single operators can now manage multiple mobile robots and transport items more efficiently. Physical limitations are a thing of the past, and user-friendly software empowers employees of all capabilities with the ability to programme their fleet.

6. Protect Your Business with Holistic Solutions

No digital transformation is complete without a solid and reliable suite of security solutions. Digitisation and integration can often expose organisations to external risks, increasing the need to protect valuable data sources. Konica Minolta offers end-to-end security solutions that cover the entire IT spectrum, from networks to physical hardware. Our bespoke solution, bizhub SECURE, caters to those interested in an integrated solution that blends cutting-edge security with a unified hub. This service can be implemented on any Konica Minolta bizhub multifunctional device, and offers safeguards such as the encryption and lock down of HDD contents, and automatic job deletion to protect confidential documents. Bitdefender is an anti-virus engine that can be deployed with bizhub SECURE, automatically scanning all transmitted and received data to defend against potential threats.

Successfully completing this checklist will help your business progress towards revolution—and evolution—in 2020. Transformation within the digital sphere is a necessity, but the process does not necessarily need to be painful. Together with Konica Minolta, rethink and embrace transformations that will scale your businesses to greater heights and secure profitable breakthroughs.

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