The Future of Work Enabled Through IoT Technology & Security Solutions

Redesigning Efficient Workplaces Through Intelligent & Connected IoT Technology

We’ve all heard of the benefits smart-enabled offices can bring. With the pandemic in 2020, the demand for these intelligent eco-systems seems to be more pertinent than ever. Exemplified by the projection of a 43 billion increase in worldwide IoT-connected devices by 2023, the impetus for its adoption is spearheaded by both technological advancement and its benefits to the future of work.

In short, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and other linked devices. A massive network of connected IoT devices, it has capacity for improving end to end security solutions across a wide range of sectors such as schools, healthcare institutions, industrial workplaces and transportation systems. As IoT technology are smart solutions utilising algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) for data acquisition, there are substantial insights to be uncovered. This makes it essential to workplace digitalisation.

The application of IoT technology extends beyond mere security solutions and monitoring. A connected network of IoT devices can monitor, report, analyse and manage data, streamlining daily operations.


In what ways are offices benefiting from IoT technology?

A more intelligent workplace translates to capabilities in pinpointing useful data for recommendations, enabling instrumental improvements to the way we work. Analysed data offers useful insights that can improve decision-making on organisational levels while transformed workflows make indelible impact on productivity and efficiency gains.


1. Enhanced safety and security through monitoring

The integrative nature of IoT technology makes predictive maintenance, monitoring and tracking not only easy, but also effortless. Konica Minolta’s Smart Monitoring is a high-precision, real-time AI processing solution that leverages image recognition technology.

Konica Minolta’s end to end security solutions and monitoring with IoT is capable of monitoring premises with automatic recording of videos to identify any anomalies in events or activities. Secure smart processing helps businesses keep a pulse on the security of their buildings, ensuring the safety of employees.

2. Improved productivity through real-time data streaming

The availability of real-time data streaming from IoT devices puts us on the cusp of renewed business productivity.

By harnessing the power of connected devices, there is opportunity for improved and reliable remote work – a situation we didn’t think we’d find ourselves in until this year. According to Harvard Business Review, approximately 58% report increased collaboration within the business. Similarly, this integrative aspect also makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks, reducing days of labour to a matter of minutes. The bizhub i-Series features IoT-enabled multifunction printers, enhancing workflow with automation and lowering manual errors.  For instance, the bizhub C750i makes direct printing and scanning much easier with its touch panel and remote access, all made secure with a security menu.

3. Efficient decentralized workplaces

On top of productivity and security improvements, IoT technology also contributes to wider business goals centred on efficiency. The best way to go about this is through a decentralised workplace, and the IoT technology enables that. Intelligently connected workplaces allow teams to work together, despite being in distributed locations – without compromising on cohesion and productivity levels.

The collection and monitoring of real-time data over time through connected IoT devices creates a smarter infrastructure around office management. With minimal human intervention required, productivity isn’t compromised in the process of improving workplace efficiency.


The Future of Work With IoT Technology

Bridging the digital and physical realities, IoT technology empowers us in everyday tasks through data-driven automation, improvements and monitoring. With Konica Minolta’s end to end IoT security solutions, you do a lot more than just enhancing safety. Take advantage of seamless business intelligence to reduce downtime in work efficiency and resourcing.

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