Top Trends in Digital Label Printing in 2021

Given global economic concerns amid the pandemic, strong predictions for 2021 can seem bold a move. However, the digital label printing industry outperforms in sustaining strong growth market trends, marked by key drivers like digitisation.

Assessing the gravity of impact digital printers have on product labels is easy when you consider the interspersed global business environment today. Alongside an upsurge for manufactured products, the viability of digital print platforms are creating new revenue streams for businesses with more possibilities in engagement, innovation and creativity.

Reshaping Digital Label Print Management Solutions

With global market growth projected at a value of 41.02 US billion dollars by 2022, print management trends are shaped by increasingly customer-oriented business models, personalised premium products and focused brand messaging.

1. Engagement Through Brand Management

Though vied for capabilities in economic short-runs and high speeds, digital printers also offer businesses the opportunity to emotionally engage customers through innovative marketing campaigns.

Brands like Coca-Cola and Purina have demonstrated successful use of labels to improve customer experience and win approval. By customising dog food packs with the dog’s name, picture, breed and owner’s name, Purina’s Just Right brand lets consumers deliver a highly personalised experience for their pets.

Such tactics not only increase customer engagement and familiarity with a brand, but also win approval over thousands of others competing in the same marketplace.

2. Customer-oriented Business Models

Digital printers address common pain points expressed by both small-medium and larger corporations in amassing a greater customer base. Attractive, informative and brand-relevant labelling enhances brand power and engagement.

At the heart of it, business models today put the customer at the forefront of their solutions and implementation. As 50% quip that customers demand greater customisation and alignment, it is no surprise that effective digital printing equipment that offer short-runs, flexibility and speed are a competitive advantage.

Konica Minolta’s Accurio Label 230 is a digital printer that facilitates the transition from the conventional to state-of-the-art print technology.

3. Premiumisation in Packaging

High quality labelling is what convinces the customer to pick a product off a shelf for consideration. Coupled with premiumisation, the packaging alone can convert a customer into a returning one.

Personalisation itself has been at the crux of almost every model, however, premiumisation in product labels introduces the element of quality, branding and customer connection. Premium packaging is the most basic indication to an everyday customer of a high-quality product. 

Redefining The Future Of Digital Printing

Changing market dynamics power businesses to find and leverage newer technologies, either in print management or otherwise, to continue meeting demand. Konica Minolta’s range of industrial printers are engineered to offer businesses the point of differentiation they need to resolve growing pain points in a fast-changing marketplace.

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