Why Digital Inkjet Print Technology Is More Relevant Now Than Ever

Previously used in the home and office, high-performance inkjet digital printers have made their way to established print companies serving a larger market. Today, it is a business leverage. What drives their popularity is the ability to produce high-quality jobs with fast turnaround, cater to short runs, and allow for unlimited personalisation. It is no surprise that such an innovative technology would penetrate existing industries and take advantage of emerging markets.

Predicted to reach a value of US$109 billion by 2023, the global inkjet market is sure to balloon as corporations reconfigure business models to fully optimise inkjet’s capabilities, making it the future of business printing.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits that influence the rapid adoption of digital printers across industries, inkjet’s relevance today is telling. 

1. Markets view quality as driver of purchase

A quality print is not just one that catches the eye but can also retain fixation. In a saturated market of consumer goods, brands need a competitive advantage. Inkjet’s stellar print quality and finishing give businesses an edge to create products that attract and drive better conversions.

Industrial printers with inkjet print heads create masterpieces in many ways. One can produce tactile elements from UV spot prints, achieve edge-processed pristine prints of texts, add natural gloss finish with paper preheating, and even get personalised high-volume jobs configured by variable data printing. The inkjet print performance of our MGI JETVARNISH  3DS and AccurioJet KM-1 industrial printers are made to add value to businesses and their clientele. 

2. Businesses need to scale

The ability of inkjet digital printers to print on demand means businesses can scale when they need to, following the ebbs and flows of dynamic market models. Take the book printing industry for instance. The advent of e-books has hit sales of physical copies so businesses need to reallocate resources to cater to a growing pool of digital readers, while setting aside enough for those who still enjoy the sensorial experience of fresh binds off the press. Inkjet technology’s short run capabilities allow publishers to print books that match demand, minimising excess and saving costs as a result.

3. Prints must balance environmental costs

Printing on demand not only benefits businesses but the environment as well. With the unceasing debate around climate change, corporations can better meet their sustainability goals, incorporating them into their business workflows as far as they can. Inkjet’s short runs make this possible.

Minimum order quantities can be slashed so inventories are reduced. Eco-conscious customers further enable businesses to push for more environmental-friendly production, which opens new opportunities in ways that can enhance their product value.  Inkjet presses can also combine multiple jobs, allowing supply chains to maximise every postage and shipment, that too on a demand basis.

Inkjet technology does not just revolutionise print. It changes the way businesses operate today and the way they connect with consumers and the environments around them. Speak to our specialists to discuss how Konica Minolta’s inkjet digital industrial printers can help your business stay relevant, always.

Interested to find out more about our AccurioJet KM-1?

Introducing the AccurioJet KM-1, Konica Minolta’s finest digital printing press to date. Developed from the technologies that have made Konica Minolta a recognised name in digital printing, this press features new and innovative technologies – including a newly developed UV ink, high performance inkjet heads, and advanced system processing technology. What this means for you, is unparalleled paper compatibility, image quality, and reliability. The AccurioJet KM-1 is a game-changer. Enabling you to offer new printing services , expanding the possibilities for both your business, and your customers. 

Speak to our sales consultants to find out more about how your business can benefit from our AccurioJet KM-1 or simply contact us today.

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