Workplace Revolution with bizhub i-Series

Redefining the Workplace

Today’s workplace is dynamic, redefining what productivity and efficiency can look like to us all. It is a known fact that corporate offices rely on a fleet of technologies to keep workflows seamless. As such, Konica Minolta’s bizhub i-Series presents an opportunity for a consolidation of devices, sweetening the deal with clear business benefits that are hard to say no to.

More than just multifunction printers, the line of products in the i-Series include dependable tech hubs for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Setting Itself Apart from Competitors

Multifunction printers are advantageous for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: cost savings, added convenience, and increased control over printing capabilities. That said, multifunction printers aren’t a new invention in the market. Featuring a number of products suitable to your business needs, the bizhub i-Series offers several differentiating features, from next-generation security and integrated services to high-quality performance.

Leverages simplicity

With new technologies emerging every day, user intuitiveness is a primary concern for both businesses and individuals. It allows users to easily navigate the app, factoring coherence and continuity into the design.

All of the multifunction printers in the i-Series are built with a touchscreen and streamlined interface. Modeling a smartphone style interface with apps and commonly used functions, users can easily get the job done at the get-go. The C360i/C300i models have received the Good Design Award 2020 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, notably for the highly intuitive interfaces and user experience. Easy to operate, the bizhub i-Series makes everyday use hassle-free.

Enhances security

One of the biggest caveats of incorporating new technologies and devices into business use has to do with cyber security standards. Just like how the tech needs to be user-intuitive, it also needs to be secure.

By complying with NSA encryption standards and the General Data Protection Regulation, the i-Series’ Bitdefender anti-virus engine scans all transmitted and received data, dealing with infected files almost immediately. With bizhub SECURE, businesses are given the flexibility to choose their own services according to their needs.

Scalable to Workplaces of all sizes

Konica Minolta’s bizhub i-Series offers multifunction printers of different office printing capabilities and features.

From varying paper feed trays and print or scan speeds to storage capacities, these printers are built for workplaces of all sizes. With single pass duplex scanning up to 280ipm, printing at the workplace  is now more efficient. Likewise, having all the required services in one access point – that also enables remote work – is a gamechanger for productivity levels today.

The bizhub C650i/C550i/C450i are ideal for workplaces who require higher print speeds and features while the bizhub C287i/C227i are better for smaller offices that want results and don’t plan on compromising the bizhub i-Series experience.

Rethink your Workplace Printing Capabilities with Konica Minolta

Fast-changing and results-driven, the business world today requires offices to stay ahead with quick turnaround times and reliability. Konica Minolta’s bizhub i-Series takes these into consideration, presenting multifunction printers that do more than just consolidate services.

From enhanced security to higher productivity levels, these printers are reshaping the future of printing as we know it. Speak with an expert today.

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