Autonomous Mobile Robot

Konica Minolta Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Given the rise of automation and computing power, the new era of manufacturing has brought about the advent of robotics-reliant companies and the increasing need for efficient automation and the streamlining of manual operations. As a leading robotics engineering company, Konica Minolta, offers versatile and robust inter-logistic and warehousing solutions. Using an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that are facets of Industry 4.0, its autonomous robotics capabilities provide a complete solution for several manufacturing processes operated in Singapore. By integrating autonomous mobile industrial robots into a manufacturing infrastructure, with robot lifts and other automated systems, gathering and analysing data across machines become leveraging factors of higher productivity. For example, it can be automated to complete mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more valuable tasks, in turn, boosting efficiency.

Features of Collaborative Mobile Robots

By connecting to a central server, collaborative mobile robots can be automated, remotely accessed, and controlled. When robotics is integrated for an efficient manufacturing execution system or warehouse control system, these machines are easy to operate and cost less to maintain in the long run. Autonomous robotics can also be integrated into any well-tuned operation of varying companies in Singapore. A simple infrastructure integration can allow autonomous robots to lift, open sliding doors, and work with other systems. It can also be part of the warehouse control system and be integrated into AMES, ERP, and WMS.

Benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Adoption

  • Building an agile and robust workflow process to cope with the demanding supply chain environment.
  • Going beyond the standard machine to machine communication, the higher level of automation and autonomous robotics present in Industry 4.0 has led to increased connectivity and the use of more AMRs in Singapore. This creates an efficient digital ecosystem that effectively reduces labour.
  • With autonomous mobile robots, the advancements offer unrivalled levels of productivity and, in turn, earlier return on investment (ROI).


  • Various models are made available by Konica Minolta. These mobile industrial robots available in Singapore are agile for different operations and operating environments
  • LiDAR technology is in-built for accuracy and safety
  • It can be implemented in a cleanroom, and even an ESD operation environment that requires a controlled environment where pollutants are filtered out