Workplace Hub

Out with IT headaches: A modern, simple workplace IT managed by Konica Minolta

Fast growing workplace IT infrastructure. Old systems meet new software. Increasing security risk. Lack of time and internal resources for monitoring, maintenance of hardware, software and applications.

Sounds familiar?

As a small or medium sized business, you have a lot to work on. As much as IT can be the biggest enabler for your work, it can also become the worst bottleneck for every business. Very often, IT is changing too fast and it is hard to keep up with the requirements of modern work environments.

IT Related Challenges for Businesses

We have identified the top 5 challenges and threats related to the IT of small and medium sized organisations like yours:


thinks that their IT is not flexible enough to keep up with their growing business


worries about the security of their data and systems


feels that the complex management of their IT causes loss in productivity


has difficulty predicting potentially high office IT costs


needs new tools to aid remote working right now

Meet the Workplace Hub

Workplace Hub is available as server-only version for your server room or in combination with an MFP to make best use of small office spaces.

Your Benefits at a Glance


Peace of mind
Fully concentrate on your core tasks


Secure network integration, data encryption, firewall


Modular (managed) services and business applications


Accurate business planning
One contract, one fixed price


Fast support
IT experts close to you


More effective team collaboration

Managed Services makes management of your IT infrastructure a thing of the past

Once your technology’s age and limitations start to become a constraint on delivering exceptional products and service, it is about time to act. We take this burden from you, providing an end-to-end service with the benefits of print and workflow solutions as well as outstanding managed services.

Invoice Management, Print Management or Collaboration Tool needed? We’ve got you covered!

Workplace Hub integrates your IT and applications into an all-in-one solution, and keeps it up-to-date any time.

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