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Discover the new JETVARNISH series, JETVARNISH 3D EVOLUTION – an ideal solution for digital and traditional print providers looking to expand and upgrade their services with larger formats and quicker prototyping; highly customizable and capable of using variable data for personalization on every piece produced.

Make your prints more profitable with value-added services that will stand out and differentiate you from the competition.

Voices of Customers


    • POWERFUL SOFTWARE AND INTUITIVE TOUCHSCREEN CONTROL: JetVarnish 3D Evolution software suite is greatly simplified for operating user to manage all production workflow and maintenance with the touchscreen interface.


    • THE TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION: Artificial Intelligence Smart Scanner (AIS) is a high precision automatic registration system for faster job completion, less wastage and greater productivity.


    • IFOIL-L & SPOT UV – VALUE AND CREATIVITY WITH OUTSTANDING PRINT QUALITY: Quick and easy production of foil stamping and embossing jobs with high profitability, flexibility, and ease of use


    • 52 x 120cm
    • 64 x 120cm
    • 75 x 120cm
    • Large format prints & dynamic performance with its 8-up format – up to 75 x 120cm


    • High volume productivity with up to 4,200 B2 sheet size per hour for EVO 75 version


    • Create 3D Varnish image – work from 7 microns up to 232 microns in a single pass on top of CMYK print


    • Innovative software suite developed by MGI that includes Job Cost Calculator, Job Manager and Varnish Editor


    • iFOIL-L Inline module allows the application of real foil without screens, plates, and dies


  • Variable Data Enhancement (VDE) kit provides “on-the-fly variable data for text, graphics and images
Production speed Up to 3,123 ISO B2 sheets per hour in all versions. The version Evo 75 can reach up to 4,200 ISO B2 sheets per hour (in landscape) and up to 2,291 ISO B1 sheets per hour
Registration Smart Scanner coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AIS) for a real-time fully automated sheet-to-sheet registration
Formats Min: 42 x 29.7 cm
Max: 52 x 120 cm
Options: 64 x 120 cm or 75 x 120 cm
Printable Areas Max: 51 cm
Options: 63 cm or 74 cm
Substrate thickness Min: 135 gsm and not less than 150 μm before printing & lamination
Max: 800 gsm and not more than 800 μm before printing & lamination
Automatic feeder High capacity feeder for paper stacks of up to 60cm height for 75 x 120 cm sheets
Approximately 4,000 sheets at 135 gsm
Pallet stacker Supports sheets of up to 75 x 120 cm size on pallet packaging
Front end system Intuitive touchscreen software management suite controlled by a 27’’ monitor Job cost calculator, image editor, queue manager and reprint, camera and print head settings and reprint, dedicated controller for equipment settings and technical data Ethernet connection 10/100/1000 BT in RJ 45
Options Options 64 cm Evo Kit for Upgrade Enhancement
Option or later update for printing of up to 64 x 120 cm sheet size 75 cm Evo Kit for upgrade Enhancement
Option or later update for printing of up to 75 x 120 cm sheet size
VDP Kit Optical “on-the-fly” variable data system uses camera and preprinted barcodes.
Variable data for text, graphic and image on both 2D/3D spot coating and hot foiling area