Return to work


A new paradigm in the world of work has quickly accelerated with the onset of a pandemic, across all industries around the globe. The demand for flexibility, collaboration and connectivity shows no signs of slowing down as we transition towards the next normal workplace, where remote working will continue to be prevalent. We are all in uncharted waters. Preparing for a safe and efficient way to bring employees back to work is key but riddled with complexities. We are in this journey together as we shift into the hybrid work environment, coming out ahead more agile and stronger than before.


First-level screening to detect potential elevated body temperature (EBT) which will ensure that compliance with guidelines. It has the ability to monitor safe social distance within the office premise.

Different levels of on-site screenings and diagnosis, including thermal readings, to provide additional evaluation steps for employee health and identification of risk levels for return-to-work readiness

Using indoor air quality to reflect how workplace ambient is suitable for the virus to survive including COVID-19. Steps can then be taken to adjust ambient for fastest virus inactivation, hence, to reduce the infection risk. For example, one can adjust the temperature and humidity of workplace ambient to the degree that virus survival is shortest.

How machine-learning algorithms leverage 
data-collected analysis reduces downtime by allowing for easy self-diagnosis and remote maintenance.

Monitor activities and enhance security in high traffic areas like entrance or exit of office premises, with the ability to function in complete darkness environment to detect unauthorised entry into the premise.


Explore your options and ask us about them. We’ll get you where you need to be.

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