End-to-End Security Solutions

SECURITY is a key consideration in many organisations. Moving towards digitalisation, strict regulations have propelled the adoption and awareness of security in many businesses. This is because such digital transformation has created a complex technological landscape that exposes valuable assets to sophisticated cyber-attacks. To have a safer environment, an adaptive IT security solution plays a pivotal role in the office to safeguard critical data from external threats like data theft, business secrets exploitation, burglary, and more.

Konica Minolta provides a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and services that meets every business demand. A holistic end to end security solution is one that is diverse enough to protect, identify, respond to, and recover from security risks with quick solutions. Konica Minolta’s End to End security solution is engineered to address evolving security concerns by providing articulate IT security services and solutions proactively. By combining both IT and physical security through the means of Managed IT Security solutions, Network, Data, and Device Output security, and Monitoring through indoor and outdoor cameras, you will be guaranteed a digitally secured workplace.

Konica Minolta’s End-to-End Security is a holistic portfolio of security solutions that delivers multiple levels of defence to safeguard your business. This next-generation security and risk solution is multifaceted and involves several technologies that increases business productivity as well to serve as a line of defence. Find out what the possible challenges are, and specific features of the End-to-End Security Solutions that can help address them:

  • Document / Data Safety
  • Physical Security Monitoring Solutions
  • Device Access Security & Control
  • Network Security
  • Managed IT Security Services

Konica Minolta provides integrated security solutions that comprise of services and solutions that cover security concerns from the ground up. It starts with the basic Document/Data security, which digitises and audits paper documents, and later restricts access of confidential documents to authorised personnel. In addition to such access management, other components are involved to form a tiered security strategy that supports real-time and comprehensive inspection of errant devices, network’s encrypted data activity, and vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures. By making our security solutions available in Singapore, productivity is further maximised as the IT team can manage security risks and promptly find solutions to possible threats.