Managed IT

Konica Minolta Managed Information Technology (MIT) Services

Organisations attach great importance to the various technologies they employ, to effectively manage their working environment – these include workstations, servers, network peripherals, internet connections, and security. Managing these infrastructures can become a significant burden – and should any technology fail, the financial implications could be considerable.

Engaging a provider specialised in Managed Services like Konica Minolta will aid in reducing the burden associated with the management of critical business infrastructure – allowing your staff to dedicate more time to their business objectives and focusing on strategic decision making.

Infrastructure Management Services from Konica Minolta enables you to outsource the responsibility for managing your IT infrastructure required to run your business effectively. This is achieved through the deployment of a fully managed service, under which issues revolving around IT services can be proactively identified and subsequently resolved by Konica Minolta (Singapore) Service Desk.

Konica Minolta’s Managed IT services in Singapore provides your in-house IT team with time to focus on vital IT infrastructure. The IT managed services also proactively provide the support that ensures constant updates and upgrades to your IT infrastructure so that your business remains running with minimal risks of viruses and system crashes.

Konica Minolta Managed IT services:

  • Technical Support Service
  • Hardware & Software Provisioning
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Professional System Integration Service

Benefits of Managed Services for IT:

Minimize labour and operating expenses:

  • Cost on overheads, training and hiring IT staff can be effectively reduced as your IT tasks will be taken care by Konica Minolta Managed Services desk in Singapore

Provide reliable and high-quality IT services:

  • Qualified and experienced professionals to handle your IT needs
  • Offering the latest technology to enhance the competitiveness of your business

Increase operation efficiency:

  • Responsive and effective single point of contact
  • Dedicated professional managed IT services to support and resolve any complex technical issues that may arise and keep your business operation in Singapore running smoothly

Continuity and risk management:

  • Providing a level of continuity to the company while identifying and analysing risk factors associated with your business and information technology infrastructure, ensuring minimal downtime

Comprehensive protection of the enterprise system and data security:

  • Offering advance security products to counter emerging cyber threats
  • Provide security management services against threats

Qualified IT professionals:

  • Our professional team of managed IT service professionals has strong skillsets with broad experience in implementing and assessing the effectiveness of each solution