Automated Material Handling in Transportation Hub

Automated Material Handling in Transportation Hub

About our Client

Our client is a leading transportation service provider in Hong Kong. They have several depot warehouses where the transportation vehicles are stabled and maintained.

Traditionally, technicians use forklifts and pallet jacks to move pallets from one location to another within a warehouse facility. This process is laborious and comes with safety concerns as technicians are handling pallets with high payloads. Additionally, it is an inefficient use of these skilled workers’ time when their efforts could be directed to higher value activities.

Improve safety of workers

Automate movement of heavy palleted machinery parts

Use of forklift requires manpower and time, which can be unsafe as well due to the high payloads

Increased productivity
Automating manual tasks so staff can focus on higher value activities

Flexible solution & interface
Routes can be changed easily with laser based navigation

Inter-operability with external systems
Interaction to external system is seamlessly automated with integration of digital I/O, sensors & communication with other systems

Return on investment
Automation of the pallet transfer process results in cost savings, leading to a higher return on investment

Using Konica Minolta’s Autonomous Material Handling Solution

Using a combination of hardware and software products, Konica Minolta developed a comprehensive solution that helped to automate the process of moving the pallets.

Our solution involved the deployment of an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) developed by Mobile Industry Robots (MiR), Mir500, which was used to transport heavy palleted machinery parts from one location to another. The Mir500 utilizes a laser-based technology to create a route map and proximity sensors that feeds data into a planning algorithm. This allow the robot to navigate autonomously as well as respond to humans or obstacles on its way and navigate safely around them.

The unique pallet lifting mechanism ensures stable handling and transportation of pallets, shelves units and more. It enables the MiR500 to lift pallets autonomously from the Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation of total payloads up to 500 kg.

As part of the solution, we also deployed our Konica Minolta software that was developed entirely in-house based on feedback from the market on critical needs. sWorkflow is a custom interface software that can flexibly execute different AMR automated workflow scenarios. It also enables AMR to work seamlessly with other sensors and material handling equipment.

Working in Tandem

Using a combination of hardware and software products, Konica Minolta developed a comprehensive solution that helped to automate the process of moving the pallets.

This writeup was provided by Konica Minolta Business Solutions Hong Kong. The client has requested to remain anonymous. 

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