MGI JETvarnish 3DS – Spearheading Innovation with Vivar Printing

Spearheading Innovation with Vivar Printing

About Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd

Since its inception in 1986, Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd has served a global clientele of manufacturers, reputable publishers and print agents with its competitive pricing models. Staying ahead of the curve as a one-stop commercial printing company, Vivar Printing continues to specialise in various types of book printing, binding and finishing, further expanding into the realm of digital printing. It has also ventured into the packaging printing industry, drawing 20% of its revenue.

To maintain continued business profitability

To expand portfolio with creative and innovative finishing solutions

Staying relevant in the printing market amid rapid digitalisation

Addressing demand for short-run personalised printing at competitive prices

Market differentiation

Quality personalised prints on demand

Workflow efficiency

Adapting to an Evolving Print Environment

The main challenge points to the increasing demands of customers for premiumisation with a short turnaround time. With the advent of digitalisation practices that challenges the appeal of physical prints, offering advanced customised and personalised services is a must. Guided by the philosophy to constantly improve services to accommodate the changing trends with the adoption of modern technology, Vivar Printing understood the need for novel print solutions to stay ahead of the print game. Following that, the second challenge lies in the normalisation of the on-demand economy. Short-run printing at cost-effective prices is thus necessary.

Customers requesting product variety on-demand from Vivar Printing at low costs do not support business growth. Vivar Printing implemented innovative technology to elevate its service portfolio and attract customers for continued profitability.

Leveraging Innovative Solutions

The integration of Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish 3DS with iFoil-S to the company’s portfolio created avenues for the provision of advanced custom finishing effects for their customers. Not only did it personalise and attract new customers, it added value by providing market differentiation, simplifying the workflows, and diversifying offerings.

By creating new visual and sensorial effects on product packaging, this revolutionary digital process stood out in a highly competitive market through a wider range of substrates. From matte and glossy laminated surfaces to plastic and PVC coated materials, the customisation spearheaded innovation efforts.

“Thanks to Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish 3DS with iFoil-S, we managed to amaze and impress our customers!” remarked Mr. Cheong Kok Wai, Managing Director of Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd. “The staggering increase in productivity on short-run prints is telling of how successful the method is. Vivar Printing grows and retains a loyal customer base through leveraging digital finishing for excellent short run and customisation efforts.”

Customer’s Quote

“Thanks to Konica Minolta’s MGI JETvarnish 3DS with iFoil-S, we managed to amaze and impress our customers!”

– Mr. Cheong Kok Wai, Managing Director of Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd

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