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Konica Minolta offers an extensive range of industrial printing machines in Singapore to meet your printing needs.

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Industrial Printing with 3D Finishing Effects

Many businesses rely on industrial printing solutions for their daily operations that may require label printing, packaging, and/or embellishments in the form of foil stamping, embossing, and more.

Konica Minolta offers industrial printing solutions designed specifically for quality, precision, productivity, versatility, and ease of use through digital technology that adds value to both printers and print-buyers. From high print speeds to offering quality service from the Konica Minolta Service Desk, our industrial printers and services will enhance productivity through its ability to automate tasks and create unique, impactful, tactile, and visually compelling print products.

Features of an Industrial Printer

Our range of industrial printers has signature technologies such as UV ink that creates unique and unparalleled prints of a high value even on heavily textured stock packaging. Whether it be embossing jobs or foil stamping, our state-of-the-art inkjet technology ensures perfect registration that value-adds to prints. Selected models of our industrial printing solutions such as the JETVARNISH 3DS machine, come with Artificial Intelligence Smart Scanners, an exclusive disruptive technology that speeds up job completion, giving your company an edge in the competitive market. Unleash your creativity with outstanding print capabilities with our digital embellishment machine, the JETVARNISH 3D, which also comes with the award-winning iFOIL Digital Hot Foiling System that will give your manufactured products a professional finish.

Benefits of Industrial Printing with 3D Finishing Effects

As a manufacturing solution, many companies are turning to industrial printers for easy programmability and error-proof production print runs. 3D printing effects created by digital embossing, or integrating textures that are thicker by 22 microns onto prints not only adds uniqueness to the products but also taps on the benefits of tactile finishing. With its ability to simulate textures by raising spot UV, and create foil effects with actual foil, the JETVARNISH 3D is capable of elevating the print value of packaging, labels, and graphics. Designed to be easy to use and generate little waste, this digital embellishment machine is an ideal texture printing solution. Other common benefits include its impeccable accuracy and ability to adapt to both short-run production and large-scale manufacturing.

Your Advantages at a Glance 

  • High quality and reduced costs regardless of digital print volumes – profitability from the first production run
  • Reduction of waste due to disruptive and exclusive technologies
  • Rapid start to end turn-around time from design, prototyping, and eventual production
  • Flexibility due to the ability of industrial printers to print on a wide design range of substrates and varying varnish thickness
  • Advanced LED technology allows drying and curing of prints to occur on the fly, saving on drying time
  • Capable of foil stamping, digital embossing, traditional spot UV varnish, creating material effects, and texture printing in one equipment