Marketing Print Management

Optimising corporate marketing promotions

In Europe and other parts of the world, demand has been growing for comprehensive service that offers print and output solutions optimised for marketing departments. This service covers the entire process of marketing promotions from production and orders to the final stage of delivery of promotional material. Konica Minolta has introduced its Marketing Print Management (MPM) worldwide that specialises in marketing promotions and leverages the know-how of Charterhouse PM Ltd. in the UK and Ergo Asia Pty Ltd. in Australia, our group companies with a proven track record in this area. Through this service, we provide total support from the design of promotional material to the enhancement of business processes and cost reduction to bring our customers the highest return on their investment.

Supporting marketing with Marketing Print Management (MPM)

Konica Minolta’s Marketing Print Management (MPM) is designed to maximise marketing effectiveness by undertaking the entire process of planning, production and management of promotional materials for our customers’ marketing departments. Experienced staff assigned to those departments advise on how to improve the print ordering process, make recommendations on the use of digital media, and propose other solutions that help customers reduce cost and improve work efficiency, thus optimizing the effectiveness of sales promotions. Leveraging the know-how we have developed as a leading manufacturer of output equipment, we also help printing companies enhance the quality of prints and increase their productivity by making suggestions on how to improve their work processes and offering high-performance equipment.

Maximizing publicity for a car manufacturer


The key to success in the sale of consumer products is promotional material such as brochures, direct mailings, and point-of-purchase ads. However, if each department produces these separately, then the amount of labor and cost required for production and printing can be enormous and make it difficult to even calculate the return on investment.

This was the case for one car manufacturer — it was looking for ways to streamline the production and printing of promotional material so that its marketing staff could focus on market analysis and strategy developmen


Konica Minolta’s group company, Charterhouse PM Ltd., proposed our Marketing Print Management (MPM) as a solution for our customer, the car manufacturer.

First, Charterhouse’s staff members with expertise in producing promotional material conducted in-depth interviews with employees in each department. After learning about the quantity and types of material produced across the company, they made the production process visible. As a result, they found that different business units were producing similar brochures and that some photographs that had been taken separately could have been shared. In addition to this duplication, some fundamental problems were identified, such as the lack of consistency among material promoting the same products, and the over-investment of man-hours to achieve the standards of quality.

Based on these findings, Charterhouse assigned its staff members with specialized know how to the marketing department to eliminate duplication and provide centralized management of the production of promotional material. It also leveraged its extensive networks with printing companies and content creators to select the companies most suited for the production of particular kinds of promotional material; in this way, our customer was able to improve the quality of their promotional material and reduce production costs, while maximizing the return on investment.