Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


Konica Minolta’s MES helps manufacturers to digitize their operations, streamline their manufacturing processes and enhance productivity. Overseeing production control, machine integration, equipment maintenance, embedded quality controls, and real-time analytics, this advanced MES can coordinate all critical functions and offer manufacturers the ability to monitor real-time production and other operations of manufacturing plants from a safe distance.

Designed with modularity in mind, Konica Minolta’s MES enables entry-level adopters looking at the first step of digitalisation. Our solution can incorporate more advanced modules your business grows, ensuring that you only spend on what you need.
The core MES system is made up of basic modules represented by the 7 quadrants. The outer ring consists of add-on modules that can be added on at a later stage when the need arises.


Modular, Scalable & Customizable

Deploy what you need with the basic modules, then scale-up by adding on modules. Unique workflows or integration can be achieved through customisation.

End-to-End Coverage

Provides an overview of all manufacturing environment functionality.

Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring of Operations

Know what is happening on the shop floor instead of waiting for end-of shift reports.

Efficient Allocation of Resources & Skillsets

With real-time knowledge of what you have on hand, resources & manpower can be efficiently utilised.

Digitize Data, Instructions & Training

Work remotely and anywhere with digitisation.

Quality Control, Compliance & Audit

With full data logging throughout the system, post-incident analysis & investigation can be easily done through examination of historical data.

Automate Data, Analysis & KPI Calculations

Easily extract data with report templates that do the tedious work for you.

Automatic Notification System

Never miss abnormalities. Set thresholds and receive automatic notifications.


If you are looking at Digital Transformation for your manufacturing environment, this is the solution for you. Regardless of scale, Konica Minolta offers a Lite, Lite+ and Enterprise package that right-sizes based on your business needs.

Use Cases

Breaking barriers of manufacturing in recent years, the digital revolution has turned the world into a playing field where only the most digitally advanced businesses survive.

Industry 4.0 technologies are reshaping manufacturing. Learn how the digitalisation of your manufacturing processes can optimise your business operations.